What is Virtual Race

A virtual race is a race that you could join at any location and any pace within specific timeframe. You could complete your visual race on treadmill at gym, roads, beaches or even at other competitive race. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it! Choose your race, provide evidence and get your medal. That’s it!

Virtual races offer great motivation to get you out and stay fit all year round. Together, we run for a better yourself.

How it works

1.Register a race

Choose your fancy race and do the registration. After you have registered, start your journey within specific timeframe mentioned in each race.

2. Race in your own time at any location

This is your call for the location. They could be street in the city, treadmill, running tracks or wherever you want. Essentially, you could complete your virtual race worldwide.

There’s no rule for the time & pace. Remember, Your pace is Yours! You could run, jog or even walk in our virtual race. Each of the race has dates to accomplish giving you flexibility to set a schedule which fits you. Just don’t forget to complete your distance by the end of race.

3. Submission

Submit your evidence to us by logging in to your account and choose the race which you would like to upload your activity for. We accept many forms of submission as long as we see your effort containing timing, distance & date.

4. Receive your medal

We will upload your results to the leaderboard so you will notice many like-minded sports lovers achieve the same as yours. We challenge our limits together indeed. Finisher medal will be added to your collection and sent by post afterward.

5. Pick your next challenge

More challenges are coming up…Pick you next target!